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If you're on the brink of losing your family... your job... your health... and maybe even your life... you need to join this program NOW!

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What is causing you to reach for the drink... instead of dealing with the real issues behind the urge
How to eliminate the confusion and overwhelm of your life
How you can relax and let your body feel safe and reassured... without reaching for a drink
What's behind the depression and anger... and what you can do about it


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Ruben James

Ruben James


Ruben James is the founder of Stop Problem Drinking Now. A recovered problem drinker himself, he now helps fellow problem drinkers break the patterns that drive them to drink and reclaim their lives.

He utilizes non-denominational spritual principles, The Quantum Experience - a profound self-growth method he developed over a span of 20 years, and several other helpful modalities to achieve lasting transformational results.